Bugra Bilginer

Managing Director
London Port & Logistics Consulting 

Bugra Bilginer is a seasoned professional in Shipping, Logistics, and Port Management.

Currently serving as the Managing Director of LPLC, he works as a consultant and corporate trainer in Ports and Logistics.

His career encompasses a diverse range of executive port management skills, including Commercial, Business Development, Operational, Administrative, Engineering, IT, Marine, PR & CR, Automation, Innovation, Investments, and Projects. With a deep understanding of Port Operations, he specialises in managing Container Terminals, Car Terminals, Liquid Bulk Terminals, General Cargo, Dry Bulk, and Project Cargo.

Mr. Bilginer’s expertise extends to port-centric logistics, where he is proficient in managing CFS, port warehouse, rail operations, hinterland trucking, customs, and dry ports. His background includes prior roles in ship management, logistics, international transportation, bonded warehousing, DC management, and distribution.

Bugra Bilginer stands at the crossroads of logistics and port management, with over 25 years of experience straddling both worlds.