Rommel Edwards

Manager, Digital Innovation and Development
Barbados Port

Mr. Rommel Edwards has been a member of the Barbados Port Inc. (BPI) team for 23 years. He
previously served as a software developer and is credited with developing the first
Windows-based application and subsequently, the first tablet-based application used at BPI.
Since then, he has designed and developed over 30 software initiatives aimed at simplifying
port processes and ultimately enhancing trade facilitation. Mr. Edwards has completed
numerous courses and certifications across various disciplines including cybersecurity, agile
methodologies, web and mobile app development. His contribution to Barbados Port Inc. was
recognized in 2017 when he was promoted to Asst. Manager of Management Information
Systems (MIS). During his tenure as Asst. Manager, he was instrumental in the success of two
major projects: the integration of ASYCUDA World with BPI’s systems and the transition of BPI’s
cargo management from an on-premise system to Octopi – Barbados Port Inc.’s first
cloud-based terminal operating system