Smart Digital Ports of the Future


Championing the Next Generation of Efficient and Connected Ports

Day One at SDP        

Digital Platforms: Hear from some of the digital solutions which are encouraging data exchange and collaboration, while transforming the supply chain.

Big Data and Analytics: Learn how ports are using analytics projects to extract and utilise data and improving operational efficiency to an all time high.

Cybersecurity: Smart infrastructure has led to ports being more vulnerable to attack than ever before. This session will discuss how ports can become cyber-resilient and evade the increasing threat.

Digitalisation: Leading European ports discuss how they are continuing to digitalise and create a basis on which to build a smart port of the future.


Day Two at SDP

Autonomous Technology: From tugs to cranes, trucks, and drones; learn how smart ports will integrate autonomous technology into the supply chain.

Artificial Intelligence: Showcasing the wide number of AI applications available to ports and how you can best deploy the technology to improve performance.

5G and wireless solutions: Learn how faster connection, communication and data transfer speeds are enabling big data and advanced technology projects to run at their fullest potential and improving visibility across the port.

Digital Twin: This session will discuss digital twin technology and the real-world benefits for ports creating a digital replica of their operations.