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Cor Stolk

Secure Logistics

Cor Stolk has over 30 years’ experience in (international) Port Security at several positions. He has
assisted many ports and companies around the globe in drafting and realizing security policies.
Since 2015, Cor is CEO at Secure Logistics and statutory director of the secretariat for the logistics
sector’s warning register, which is a cooperation of several stakeholders in the logistics sector in the

Founded in 2003, Secure Logistics is the pioneer in the field of secure, smart and privacy proof
identity and access management solutions for business use.
Privacy-by-mindset is our DNA as everything we do is dedicated to the protection of personal data.
With our XS-ID solutions, Secure Logistics offers efficient, fast, and secure services to more than
4,600 companies and 53,000 users by providing access to 110 locations in the Netherlands, Belgium
and Germany. In this way, Secure Logistics delivers an essential contribution in order to tackle
identity fraud and crime within the industry.

Cor Stolk is a board member of the VVBI (Dutch Association for Biometrics & Identity), a small Dutchspeaking association with enormous expertise in biometrics and identity that has the ambition to
exchange information and share knowledge between industries, knowledge institutes, government
and citizens to promote the correct ethical use of biometrics in personal recognition, identity
management, etc.