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David Yeo

Group CEO and Founder
Innovez One

David founded Innovez One in 2004 and currently leads the company as its Group CEO. He has nearly 20 years experience in Port digitalisation, having implemented his first maritime project with PSA Marine ( subsidiary of PSA Singapore ) back in the day when Nokia phones were the hype. Supported by a dedicated team of brilliant engineers and an experienced Board, he established Innovez One’s presence in South East Asia. It is headquartered in Singapore and has expanded into EMEA through it’s London office.David leads product innovation for Innovez One and spearheaded the award-winning marineM platform rollouts to ports in Asia and in Europe. Apart from the maritime sector, he has led teams delivering sophisticated scheduling and optimisation solutions to many clients in the Middle East and South East Asia.David received a Bachelor of Science degree specialising in Computer Science from University of New South Wales, Australia.