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Jussi Poikonen

Co-founder and Vice President

Jussi Poikonen, D.Sc.(Tech.), is a co-founder and vice president of AI and analytics at Awake.AI, where his team develops predictive analytics, machine learning models, and optimization algorithms for the Awake.AI smart port platform. Dr. Poikonen is also an adjunct professor of microelectronics at University of Turku, Finland.

Before his current position at Awake.AI, Dr. Poikonen was an AI development lead at Rolls-Royce Marine, focusing on development of autonomous and remote controlled vessels. Also, Dr. Poikonen has over 10 years of experience as senior research fellow and lecturer at University of Turku and Aalto University, Finland. He has published over 80 research articles on telecommunications, emerging technologies, and neuromorphic computing.