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Raoul Tan


On a mission to build and scale the neutral industry platform that propels seamless global trade; Naviporta. Strong believer that co-creating and collaboration are vital for sustainable supply chain models, that doing business is about creating the most added value for your customers and waste in the global supply chain, by any means, is not sustainable.

Holding a Master degree in Business Management from Nyenrode Business University and 10+ years of experience in generating business and setting up new business units which are aimed to enable organizations to utilize the full potential of data and digitalization as key driver for business value and new business models.

Port of Rotterdam is actively connecting to ecosystem and platform players throughout the global supply chain to optimize value amongst all stakeholders. In 2019 it successfully shipped the first container using a platform underpinned by blockchain technology. It resulted in a real-time, end-to-end visibility and a paperless and instantly financed container journey from Korea to the Netherlands.

In 2020 a multidisciplinary team of experts was appointed to build and scale the neutral platform to propel seamless global trade and in 2021 the platform will go live and onboard it’s first customers.